24-Hour Garage Door Service

Get yourself in a jam?  Or maybe Grandma forgot which pedal is the brake again?  No worries, we're here to pick up your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply call us at 858-592-7778. 


There is never a convenient time for a car to crash into a garage door and cause damage that needs immediate fixing.  You need to get to work or it's simply raining out--either way, you need this problem fixed ASAP. 


While this kind of inconvenience may be frustrating the good news is we are always here to help.  And in any condition, we recommend calling the experts, don't resort to do-it-yourself solutions or your uninsured neighbor.  If something happens, you could be liable! Day or night, rain or shine -- we have a team of professionals standing by!

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