Broken Garage Door Cables

Time + Tension = Broken Garage Door Cables


GDI Garage Doors has serviced thousands upon thousands of broken garage door cables since 2006, all over Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.  If you suspect your cables may be having an issue, it is important you call GDI Garage Doors as soon as possible.


Safety is #1


Did you know? Your  garage door is by far the largest moving component of your house and a broken cable can present a serious safety hazard.  If your garage door cable has snapped, become entangled,or functioning irregularly, call GDI Garage Doors as soon as possible for an immediate appointment.  We are the fastest responding, most equipped garage door repair company in all of Las Vegas.


And why are garage door cables so important, you ask? They are vital to the longevity and proper functioning of your garage door springs. Without a proper garage door cable, your garage door springs may violently recoil and break, causing damage to your vehicle or even cause serious injury to a person.


Call Your Local Experts


Replacing a garage door cable requires a qualified, experienced expert, as it requires many steps such as releasing tension in the springs that if are overlooked, can cause some serious damage.

Our expert technicians provide a full 21-point safety inspection on each service call, whether it is a repair, install, or replace.  That way you know that your garage door will be safe and functioning properly for a long time.

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