Bent Garage Door Tracks

GDI Will Get You Back On Track


Your garage door tracks may become bent, misaligned, or simply damaged--even from normal wear and tear over time.  Give us a call today and we will be happy to diagnose any problem you may be experiencing


Oftentimes, garage door track damage occurs with the vertical tracks that are attached to the wall adjacent to the garage door opening. Some of the most  common causes of track damage are from cars pulling in or out, hardware and tools, or lawn care equipment. Even the slightest bend in your garage door track can cause it to work improperly.

​Quick, Professional Service

GDI Garage will be there promptly, any day of the week to give a professional opinion and FREE estimate.  It's important to have one of our technicians inspect the damage to determine whether your track needs replacement, repair, or general service.  Attempting to fix your garage door track on your own can result in injury or further damage.

Act Now


When your garage has a bent track, it can cause damage to other components, become noisy, or simply not open or close.  Our experts are experienced enough to determine the problem and have it replaced on the first visit.

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