Garage Door Insulation

Save On Your Next Power Bill


Guess what!  Garage door insulation can save you big bucks on your next power bill.  Imagine keeping your entire garage warmer by at least 10 degrees during the winter and cold season, and up to 25 degrees cooler during the summer!  We all know that summers in Las Vegas can get hot, to put it lightly, and that’s why Las Vegas residents experience some of the highest energy bills in the country during the summer.  Start cutting costs and saving money today by giving your local Las Vegas garage door experts at GDI Garage Doors.

​Insulation as an Investment

Getting your garage door insulated is one of the smartest things a homeowner can do during the summer, and is often overlooked as one of the most worthwhile upgrades a person can invest in with their home.

​Trust The Experts

GDI Garage Doors cares not only about our customers, but our customers' pockets as well! Give us a call today for your FREE consultation, estimate, and various option that we have available.  Having an energy-efficient garage will an investment that will pay for itself in a short timespan.

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