Garage Door Drum Replace

We Replace Garage Door Drums--FAST

Has your garage door begun making noises and shake while it opens or closes?  Your garage door drum might be damaged. Call us today--we will have a technician at your house faster than any of our competitors with replacement parts at the ready.


Know Your Garage Door


Garage Door Drums help stabilize the door, which when stabilized properly, should only feel like 5-10 pounds and can be opened with little effort.  For perspective, one should be able to open their garage door with one hand, although we do not recommend doing this if you suspect any kind of issue.

Proceed With Caution


Make sure that if you experience any garage door component damage symptoms, you call your trusted professionals at GDI immediately.  Your garage door drum need to be replaced if there are any noticeable cracks or damage and need to be inspected at least once every year.  Ignoring symptoms can cause unnecessary stress on other parts of your garage and become more costly over time.

The longer you wait to seek professional technical help, the longer the problem may persist and, in turn, become much worse and less safe.

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