Garage Door Panel Replace

Broken Garage Door Panel? No Problem!


It happens to everyone.  You or a loved one misjudged backing out or driving into your garage a little too quickly, and before you know it, you’ve got a couple damaged garage door panels!  Car accidents are the most common cause of broken, dented, or damaged panels, and we happen to be experts at replacing and repairing them. Call GDI Garage Doors now if you are in need of immediate garage door service in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder city, or Pahrump.

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But don't worry--the professionals at GDI Garage Doors are on standby for this exact situation and can be there with replacement garage door panels on the same day.  Our technicians come to every job equipped with every tool necessary to get any damaged or dented garage door fixed or replaced at the lowest price, guaranteed.

Broken panels also can present major safety issues.

Even the smallest bend or break in a panel can allow for easy access for intruders or wild animals.  Call us right away if you have any issues with broken panels.


It is in your best interest to make sure a technician comes as soon as possible because damaging a panel commonly leads to other issues as well.  We will replace the panel and do a full inspection and tune up as part of the service.

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